Sample Houses 7 – 13

Click photos to enlarge: 

Sample House 7 with Side & End Views

Exterior & Trim Painting  IMG_4334  Sample House 3_Garage Doors_Adjusted & Cropped

Sample House 8  with View of Front Door

Sample House 8 _Exterior & Door Painting_Adjusted & Cropped   Sample House 8_Closeup of Front Door_Adjusted & Cropped

House 9_Exterior & Trim Painting_Adjusted & Cropped  Sample House 9

Sample House 10  Sample House 10_Adjusted & Cropped

 Sample House 11_Adjusted & Cropped  Sample House 11

Sample House 12 with View of Doors

Sample House 12_Adjusted & Cropped    Sample House 12_Closeup of Doors_Adjusted & Cropped

 Sample House 13   Sample House 13_Adjusted & Cropped

Sample Houses 1 – 6
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